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All three products in one pack!
Keeping your house smelling clean and fresh all day long!

Eliminate all Odours.

Destroy odours as they happen. Keep everything fresh, clean and odour-free.

The Odour Control™ Bundle features;

1 x Odour Control™ Spray
1 x Odour Control™ Powder
1 x Odour Control™ Mat

All three of our amazing products in ONE pack!

NEVER been done before, The Odour Control™ Bundle gives you the chance to try all THREE products at a great price!

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The Odour Control™ Bundle. 1

The Odour Control™ Spray to use on ANY type of mess your animal leaves you on a RANGE of surfaces, The Odour Control™ Powder to SOAK up any messes your animal leaves you AND The Odour Control™ Mat to use underneath your puppy training pads or under the litter in litter boxes to NOT ONLY soak up liquids but REMOVE odour as well!

The entire Odour Control™ Range from Purrfect Pet Products is ideal for the cleanup of all smells left behind by our four-legged best friends. Using a specially crafted formulation of natural products and bio-minerals, we’ve been able to truly eliminate smells and malodour. Tested, refined and then tested again, these products are amazing. Ensuring this product was the last product you’d need has been our main focus. Simply, The Odour Control™ Range is – Pet Odour, Solved!