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Pheromones, Cats and Dogs – 5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

March 3, 2020 by swe1

Pheromones are how most animals “see” the world. Your Cats and Dogs have some serious sniffing gear on them. With these sniffers or snoots, your animal can detect things that we didn’t even know had a smell – like sadness. Here are 7 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Pheromones, Cats and Dogs!

Time spent with Cats and Dogs is never wasted.

1. Dog’s Brains are 40 Times Bigger Than Ours

Well, not the whole thing. The section of a Dogs brain that controls smell and odour reception is, by proportion, 40 times bigger than ours. The average human has around 6 million olfactory receptors (smell processing plants) in their head – your Dog has around 300 million!

2. Pheromones Can and Do Control Behaviour

A pheromone is a form of chemical communication between members for the same, or sometimes different species. They can convey everything from who’s yard this is to if tonight’s the night for love. In the animal world smell is everything.

3. You Can Calm a Cat with a Spray

For anyone who’s lived with more than one cat at a time, it can be a little hard to believe that with nothing but a spray, you can completely change the mood in a multi-Cat home! There are a lot of products on the market that mimic different natural pheromones to draw out specific results – such as a chilled, mellow home!

4. Just Like Mum

A lot of the synthetic products on the market, the Dog and Cat Appeasing pheromone is made to simulate the same one nursing Mumma dogs produce during feeding when calm and order is needed!

5. We Can’t Smell Them

Although our olfactory receptors are able to pick up some pheromones, humans rarely act upon the messages being sent to them through smell. That might be why so many people are happy with odour removal products that don’t fully remove the smell of Cat and Dog urine?

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