The secret to managing Pet Odour in your home is out! The Odour Control™ Range from Purrfect Pet Products has been specifically created to make destroying Pet Odour in your home easier, quicker and more effective than ever – guaranteed!

The Odour Control™ Spray.

Ready to go instantly! Clean up quick messes with a simple spray and wipe. Destroys odours and kills germs on contact!

Messes happen around the home, especially with animals. The Odour Control™ Spray is made for such messes. With a quick spray and wipe you are able to destroy odours and kill germs easier, quicker and more effectively than ever before!


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The Odour Control™ Powder.

Never mop up a fluid mess again! Just sprinkle and sweep away the mess!

Fluid messes like urine, faeces, diarrhea, blood etc. are unpleasent and sometimes dangerous to clean. With The Odour Control™ Powder the job has never been easier! Just sprinkle some of the powder on the mess and watch as the fluid is absorbed, germs are killed and odours are destroyed right in front of your eyes!


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The Odour Control™ Mat.

Keep your Cat or Dog’s bathroom as clean and fresh as yours for up to 30-days!

It’s inevitable, Kitty Litter and Dog Training Pads smell. There are so many products on the market that claim to help – but there’s nothing like The Odour Control™ Mat. Made to compliment your animals preferred setup, there’s no change to your pet’s routine!


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The Odour Control™ Bundle.

Keeping your home fresh and clean all day long!

1 x Odour Control Spray
1 x Odour Control Powder
1 x Odour Control Mat

All three of our amazing products in ONE pack!

NEVER been done before, The Odour Control™ Bundle gives you the chance to try all THREE products at a great price!

The Odour Control™ Spray to use on ANY type of mess your animal leaves you on a RANGE of surfaces, The Odour Control™ Powder to SOAK up any messes your animal leaves you AND The Odour Control™ Mat to use underneath your puppy training pads or under the litter in litter boxes to NOT ONLY soak up liquids but REMOVE odour as well!

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